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Tioman Island also the best place tour at Malaysia. Tioman is in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. The Northeast Monsoon is from November to March every year so its a bad time to go there. You really dont want your holiday ruined by heavy rains daily or even worst, the resort may close last minute as ferries cannot operate.

Tourist who is planning to visit Tioman island are advised to travel by air. Ferries or speed boat are not permitted to go out to the sea by the Jetty Authority during the Off-Peak Monsoon periods. If you insist of going by boat, it is at your own risk. There are still some local fisherman who are willing to ferry tourist to Tioman Island at an exorbitant price.

If you would still like to visit a nice island then you may want to look at your options on the West side of Malaysia during that time as the Southwest Monsoon is from late May to September. So you will enjoy the clear skies. Langkawi Island is on the west coast which can be a good option for you.

You too can visits some others as beautiful islands around Tioman, such as Rawa, Sibu, Permanggil, Aur n Tinggi. Unfortunately you can't go to Tioman at this moment as its the year end monsoon season, next year end February or early March would be ok.

There are so many hotels, chalets, resorts available, from 5 stars to budget/backpack, mostly at beach front. As of food, beside those available at the hotel and chalet, there is a food court at Tekek's jetty which served some very good, fresh n cheap sea food ! Shopping? sorry, very little on Tioman.

My favourite is Japamala Resort. it offers beautiful scenery from your chalet, secluded unspoilt beach, really away from it all, romantic tropical atmosphere and surrounding. you really feel you are in paradise. Lastly I hope you enjoy the tour at Malaysia.

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  1. We're booked for a week in Berjaya, after which we'll be staying in Condotel Selesa.

    Thank you for your pix. They're awesome.

    I've been to Tioman before, but this is the first time we've booked the ferry through

    Just 12 days to go...


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