Tour At Malaysia : Fraser's Hill

One of place tour at Malaysia is Fraser's Hill. Fraser's Hill is a highland resort destination nestled among the mountains of Pahang, about two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Locally known as Bukit Fraser, this cooling holiday retreat is popular for its nature activities and cooling climate, attracting not just locals escaping the city heat, but visitors from Singapore and other international locations.

It is also one of the last hill stations of Malaysia, an imprint left behind by former British colonial masters. Fraser’s Hill has its roots in the 1890s, when the tin ore trade was bustling. After a failed gold mining venture in Australia, Scottish prospector Louis James Fraser arrived to explore the remote Titiwangsa mountains of Pahang.

What are the best things to do while visiting Fraser's Hill? I recommend you to go for their waterfall. They have man-made swimming pool which collecting water from the waterfall. The water is damn cooling and environment was simply refreshing. But avoid during peak season times because the place tends to be little too crowded. It was used to be very nice up there but i not sure about it now.

Maybe you also can go for bird watching. They have these place where you can climb up a platform on a tree and just sit back and enjoy looking at those wonderful looking creature which if you are lucky. Some of them will come and relax with you!! if you like nature like bird watching, jungle tracking and adventure to explore nature, Fraser's Hill is the place for you.

Fraser's Hill only have a small town that you can tour within few hours. Last time i went there they have no petrol station. weather is very cooling but not much to see.

Accomodation in Fraser's Hill is Fraser Pine Resort, Shahzan Inn and Fraser Silverpark Resort. Fraser Pine Resort and Fraser Silverpark Resort are old timer's favorites. I'm not familiar with Shahzan Inn, so I can't say anything for that. I tried Pine Resort, it a perfect place for friends and family. Alternative is Silverpark Resort. dont think Shahzan Inn is a good place. Fraser's Silverpark Resort would be a better choice. It's an apartment style resort with many facilities provided. Just came back from there few weeks ago, enjoyed it very much. lastly hope you enjoy the tour at Malaysia

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